Grade One


    Pest 3

    With our nationwide network of pest control partners, we have unrivalled expertise in tackling all forms of pest and insect infestations.

    We recognise the distress that can be caused by a live problem, so we provide a fast and responsive service that will swiftly detect the cause and effectively treat the area as quickly as possible.

    Included in our service is prevention advice to mitigate the chance of a problem reoccurring.

    We will cure, protect and maintain your premises using our environmentally friendly and humane processes and products.

    Our experienced technicians are all highly skilled and rigorously trained in the use of the control techniques, so your staff and visitors will not be at risk, and because we use non-intrusive methods wherever possible the fabric and structure of your property will remain safe.

    Our pest control services include:

    • Rodent control
    • Insect monitoring
    • Bird proofing and wildlife management
    • Damp and rot solutions
    • Woodworm eradication
    • Pest identification and technical audits
    • Site clearance and hazardous waste disposal