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    We understand that finance budgets for public sector services are increasingly under pressure, which is why we have put together a specialist team experienced in delivering an outstanding and efficient level of quality for local authorities.

    Without compromising service levels, we will continuously apply innovation and economies of scale to provide an outstanding solution and have successfully driven in value for our public sector clients over the last 10 years.

    With our local employment policies, we are very proud of our ability to integrate into, and importantly understand, the communities in which our local authority clients, and hence Grade One, are serving.

    By being part of a project it means we can successfully deliver it, so this approach makes us leaders in this sector.

    We have served many areas of the public environment, including the following bodies and organisations:

    • Gravesham Borough Council
    • Kent County Council
    • Kent Fire Brigade
    • Medway Council
    • Wandsworth Council
    • VOSA