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    Innovation An innovative feature of Templa is that it can be integrated with electronic hand-held tablets. The remote device and interactive functionality means our operational teams can perform key tasks on site without the need to complete paper forms and deliver them back to the office thus speeding up activity, response times and productivity.

    We will be able to deliver all of the site/contract information including specifications, staff rotas and quality auditing, plus the ability to generate ad-hoc requests or equipment and materials requests required by the premises by way of electronic tablet.

    Benefits to the management of our contracts:

    • Open book accounting and transparency. This system allows all data entry and access to be controlled through a user-defined authorisation structure, whilst a full audit trail enables us to track and review all changes made to the data.
    • Variations and requests are all managed through effective date control, enabling changes to occur with specific services, tasks or operatives at different times.
    • Any contract data is keyed in as soon as we have it which eliminates the need to either hold onto it or pass it on for entry at a later date. This avoids ambiguity with the operations team always having access to the latest up to date data due to the information always being the current live version.

    All the above means this electronic system ensures speed, accuracy, consistency and tight financial control of the contract.

    The system also includes a Customer Service module which will allow us to provide the following:

    • Quality Audits – electronic audits completed on Operations Manager’s Mobile Devices and can be signed by the site representative.
    • Service Requests – Allows calls to be logged through our Help Desk, with details and alerts sent through automatically to the Mobile Devices for completion

    In 2013 Grade One completed a major upgrade to our contract administration system. This work has seen the installation of new hardware and software and the transferring of all our cleaning contract data to a new contract management platform called Templa CMS, which was designed specifically for the cleaning industry.

    The launch of this system is a significant improvement in our contract management capabilities and allows us a much more streamlined approach as all the contract information is stored in a centralised contract database through which all the individual contract elements are then delivered and or controlled. Information such as payroll and accounts are fully integrated for accuracy of information.

    For our customers this will mean that all the necessary information needed to ensure the smooth running of the contract or to provide a quick response to any client queries will always be available.