Grade One

Social Responsibility

    “Businesses cannot be successful when society around them fails” - Anon

    Our much publicised mission statement reflects a sincere ambition to put as much back into society as we benefit from it.

    "Grade One is committed to enhancing its business in an ethical and socially responsible manner by considering the interests of its stakeholders, investors, employees, customers, suppliers and the local & wider communities"

    The Company’s aim is to provide products and cleaning solutions that are relevant to the global issues of environmental control, energy conservation, human rights and fair trade practices. Grade One will continually look for new product innovations and cleaning methods that support the growing need to protect the world and the people who live in it.

    In addition to the environmental issues, we try wherever possible to pay living wage standards and we have a policy of advertising employment vacancies in the local community, preferably within a mile of the contract location thus giving opportunities to those who may be able to walk to work in the absence of their own vehicle or suitable public transport.

    Recently we have engaged with local schools and colleges to assist with the education behind cleaning science and business management.

    We observe fair trading practices with our supply chain, with reasonable and agreed payment terms, long term partnership agreements and collaborative working leading to innovation and development.

    With all our stakeholders, we observe legal compliance and ensure that statutory obligations are at the forefront of all trading activities, including of course compliance with anti-corruption legislation.

    "In 2014 we gave the equivalent of 5% of our net profit to charities and good causes in a variety of ways including cash, excess products and equipment, paid "volunteer time" for staff and other cost supported donations"