Grade One

The Training

    "What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand" - Confucius

    We pledge to provide staff with the development opportunities to ensure that individuals are able to contribute fully to the success of Grade One. The main aim of formal training is to provide managers and operatives with a framework that not only allows them to carry out their work in a safe and efficient manner, but it supports and encourages their career progression.

    "85.6% of our operatives have an industry recognised qualification"

    As part of all employees' training plans, we take the following steps:

    • Ensure their training qualification certificates are in place and as a minimum they are compliant with the requirements of their role;
    • Assess their current skills and training levels for enhanced performance opportunities;
    • Create a training matrix for the objectives of each operative;
    • Invest the necessary resource to ensure the training is carried out in a timely manner.

    Our commitment to formal training will include offering the following recognised and industry trusted qualifications and accreditations to employees, as relevant to the tasks they will be carrying out:

    • BICSc
    • NVQ
    • IOSH
    • IRATA
    • IPAF

    In addition Grade One will provide ongoing training and development opportunities to ‘hone’ personal skills and equip operatives with the expertise to work more efficiently in their roles.

    Training and development enhances the operatives performance and we are committed to industry leading training programmes to ensure the long term development of skills and specific personal abilities of all our people.

    We have an absolute belief that the benefits of training and developing our staff include:

    • Increased job satisfaction, commitment, motivation and morale
    • A more confident, loyal and responsive workforce
    • Better skilled and more productive people
    • Enhanced risk management through training in HR / Safety / Quality / Environmental procedures
    • Reduced staff turnover and absence levels
    • Increase capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
    "We have a unique relationship with the London Cleaning Academy meaning our staff are trained to the highest levels in the latest techniques in cleaning science"