Grade One

The Markets

    Commercial 3Although the economy in the UK is gradually improving, companies are still facing a number of challenges so need to rely on a cost effective and reliable service.

    We are uncompromising in our belief that the only way to be the best in our field is to fully understand our clients’ business so we can seamlessly deliver our service without being an interruption to their core activities.

    To achieve this we have an implementation team that design and deliver a full contract start up plan, ensuring a seamless transition into a new project. The plan will be bespoke to each client and include key stage programming for pre- and post- commencement covering everything from TUPE and logistics through to security and SLA's.

    In addition to the start up phase, our key account management team will arrange regular review meetings to discuss performance, innovation, additional value and cost savings.

    Over the years we have served some high profile clients including:

    • Bactec International
    • Baxter Phillips
    • JCB Medway
    • Royal Blackheath Golf Club
    • Tarkett
    • Wrotham Heath Golf Club