Grade One

The People

    “I have always believed that the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers, and that people flourish when they are praised.” - Sir Richard Branson

    As a service business, our people are the key to our success. We have some of the best talent in the industry within our team and we recognise that without them we would not be able to deliver the outstanding service that our customers expect.

    We value and respect the skills that our staff bring to Grade One and we strive to create a positive and open environment where our colleagues feel proud of the organisation.

    "In 2014, our staff retention rate, excluding TUPE, retirement, career change and return to country, was 98.4%"

    In return for the loyalty and dedication they show us, we aim to uphold the following mantra's, giving them a healthy, rewarding, stable and challenging career:

    • We will ensure all staff are treated with dignity, fairness and respect;
    • We will not discriminate - recruitment and promotion is based solely on an individual's suitability for the job;
    • We will provide an "open door" policy where all staff will have appropriate access to communicate with senior management and the right to confidentiality;
    • We will operate a fair remuneration policy, including payment to living wage standards or above wherever possible;
    • We will offer training - in all cases, to enable our staff to complete their work safely and efficiently, but in addition wherever possible to assist with skills development and career progression
    • We will support our staff with an environment of trust and will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour that affects our colleagues' wellbeing;
    • We will foster effective communication to allow a truly inclusive, "one team" approach.
    "17% of our employees have been with Grade One for at least 5 years and a further 4% have worked with us for over a decade"